To build dynamic relationships and create productive solutions that add value to people and organizations and enable them to pass on these values.


To contribute to the success of our customers and bring more interactive latest technology to the end user.
Collecting the media in one center and introducing an interactive multi-platform publisher media organizations and new publishers.


The year of establishment of our company 2015

* Company type: Inc.

* Industry sector: Software – Media

* Company sector served: Media


Company Profile

ICMS Interactive Cloud Media Inc. has been serving for the publishing sector for years and has been established by a team that knows the needs of the sector and aims to develop global solutions.
Interactive Media Technology has come up with a model of structuring the new technologies that are developing rapidly and the self-confidence of having the technology and the intelligence to transform the non-existent dream into reality.
All the television and radio stations which are realized on the tivu.co platform which carries out the industrial design in its own way and which also carries out its engineering and research work day and night is reaching to the end user in Turkey.
In this platform where we collect all services, we offer a brand new multimedia and cloud system that allows end users to shop, store unlimited archives and store videos from personal profiles.
We will gain a completely different dimension to the publishing of the next generation with projects that we will spend a short time with and experience.
Thanks to the technological developments in today’s conditions, you have the chance to increase your activities by reaching hundreds of thousands of people in online meetings that are worthy of your corporate reputation.

· Compatible Broadcast with All Devices

· You Can Fold Your Audience Count with Broadcasts on All Platforms

· Perfect Production Service

· Online Reji Service

· Sound-Light Equipment

· Tele-Video Conference Services

· Shooting and Installation of Your Activity Interviews

· Compliance with International Technical Standards

· Professional Installation Services

Live Webcast

You will have the opportunity to broadcast your congress, conference, webinar, events and launches live on over 30 platforms in HD quality with the latest technology sub-production.


It is our live broadcast service that meets your audience with the most technological production project we have designed according to the live broadcast needs of your institution or your brand.

All Platforms

You can broadcast your event with your own log on more than 30 platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube, Twitter, Younow, Livestream, Ustream, TwitchTV and you can fold your audience count.

Compatible with All Devices

Live broadcasts can be viewed from any iOS, Android device and smart TV with internet access.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Whether it’s 1000 or 1,000,000, the cloud-based broadcast infrastructure allows your live broadcasts to be viewed at the highest quality anywhere in the world, smoothly and without interruption.

Detailed Reporting

Who, from where, with which device, when, how long watched your broadcast? All the instant information you need about your live broadcast is at your fingertips with a specially developed reporting system for live broadcasts.

Extra Services

You can make a difference with our extra services such as broadcast encryption, payment system for paid events, in-house closed loop live broadcast, questionnaire, data collection, chat box, social feed.