Live Broadcast / Event

Thanks to the technological developments in today’s conditions, you have the chance to increase your activities by reaching hundreds of thousands of people in online meetings that are worthy of your corporate reputation.

  • Compatible Broadcast with All Devices
  • You Can Fold Your Audience Count with Broadcasts on All Platforms
  • Perfect Production Service
  • Online Reji Service
  • Sound-Light Equipment
  • Tele-Video Conference Services
  • Shooting and Installation of Your Activity Interviews
  • Compliance with International Technical Standards
  • Professional Installation Services

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Whether it’s 1000 or 1,000,000, the cloud-based broadcast infrastructure allows your live broadcasts to be viewed at the highest quality anywhere in the world, smoothly and without interruption.

Extra Services

You can make a difference with our extra services such as broadcast encryption, payment system for paid events, in-house closed loop live broadcast, questionnaire, data collection, chat box, social feed.


It is our live broadcast service that meets your audience with the most technological production project we have designed according to the live broadcast needs of your institution or your brand.

Compatible with All Devices

Live broadcasts can be viewed from any iOS, Android device and smart TV with internet access.

Detailed Reporting

Who, from where, with which device, when, how long watched your broadcast? All the instant information you need about your live broadcast is at your fingertips with a specially developed reporting system for live broadcasts.

Medical, sportive, the air broadcasting

We offer customized solutions with medical seminars, medical conventions, live surgical applications, sporting activities and aerial broadcast studies.